How to get selected tag and value based on Device Id from firebase

hi coders
i need help, i have searched in the community and google even youtube but nothing specific, here my english is not so good, hope you understand what i mean and what i need.

and the problem appears when I want to fetch tags and values ​​from different Devices. So, what should I do ?

Set project bucket to ex-loginapplcall tinydb device ID

Call Firebase tag value pass
Value is not found empty text string

When Firebase got value
If tag = pass
Then if get value =empty string
Then (which means user logged in with device ID)
Else (user is logged in with different device id

But keep in mind, device id won’t work for greater android version… lower end devices only it will work fine . In such case use get Uuid using this extension

I got the point, but it’s a different case,

The function described above applies when I save data with the device I’m currently using, but not for other devices.

Can you explain more specifically what it means or give an example?

Actually, what you wanna achieve?

If device id matches , there is no logic I find here …

this’s my full block, i m tired… i have not yet found answer here

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