How to get some extras as a user of the community

As you are new here and a TL0 user, therefore your every post/topic need to be approved.
As I said spend time here, then you will be promoted to TL1 and then no need of Approval.

Yep, I also observed that :face_with_monocle:


What incident ?

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Ok… How much time i need to spend…
& Why don’t you guys create any topic related to this…
May be new user will get some clarification…

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This is a topic … If I am right ?


You can go to and click on profile settings and click on Prokoder Membership
There you can see what to do to reach TL3.

I don’t think so there is need of new topic, as you spend time here you know everything about the community.
I was also not aware of things at start but as time passed, I came to know about it.


Thanks @Maayur for the info…


This is something about Discourse trustlevels. The numbers may vary on this community.


what is tl3

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TL3 = Trust Level 3


How can I reach there

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You should read the topic to find your answer.

Peter already posted a link:
Just go there and understand:


Why i have not get it

Well, you’re now TL3 (Regular) user.
You can now recategorize and rename topics, make your post or topic a wiki, select appropriate post as solution of the topic, etc.

And if u get suspended u cant get it

I does not understand this

Making your post a wiki let other users allow contributing to the content of the post.
You can take following topic by Diego as an example which is a wiki topic:

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Now I can edit that post

Click on this option to see all the available options for you:

there is solution