How to get some extras as a user of the community


Why these much post’s are flagged ?

Btw, @Ruchika_Jadoun you have to earn that badge by spending time in Community and contributing here.

First you will have to reach TL3 in community and then if staff thinks you are eligible then you are promoted as Prokoder.

And if you have developed any Extension then you will get the Extension Developer badge.

I hope your all doubts are cleared :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Koding :kodular:


Community has become more mature after recent incident. :joy:

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Since it seems users keep going off topic in another topic i have split this so it can be discussed here were it belongs.

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Thanks @themaayur for your response…
I don’t know why but for every post i have to wait for approval. .

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It makes a bad impression.
You should remove those posts.

Btw, mods have got new feature.Either reply with own account or with Community.


As you are new here and a TL0 user, therefore your every post/topic need to be approved.
As I said spend time here, then you will be promoted to TL1 and then no need of Approval.

Yep, I also observed that :face_with_monocle:


What incident ?

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Ok… How much time i need to spend…
& Why don’t you guys create any topic related to this…
May be new user will get some clarification…

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This is a topic … If I am right ?


You can go to and click on profile settings and click on Prokoder Membership
There you can see what to do to reach TL3.

I don’t think so there is need of new topic, as you spend time here you know everything about the community.
I was also not aware of things at start but as time passed, I came to know about it.


Thanks @Maayur for the info…


This is something about Discourse trustlevels. The numbers may vary on this community.


what is tl3

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TL3 = Trust Level 3


How can I reach there

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You should read the topic to find your answer.

Peter already posted a link:
Just go there and understand:


Why i have not get it

Well, you’re now TL3 (Regular) user.
You can now recategorize and rename topics, make your post or topic a wiki, select appropriate post as solution of the topic, etc.

And if u get suspended u cant get it

I does not understand this