How to get start value after update the app?

I want to update my app, and after that, I want to get start value
how to set and get it?

Search for start value block by typing in blocks area. Also, you can find this block and more in the Control category.


No, i know where is the block
i ask, how to set that i will activate it after i update the app
when screen 1 starts, so how to do it?

There is a block called “Open new screen with start value”


So you want that after updating your app it will pass a start value through screen.
I think that is not possible that app will download , install and reopen automatically.
You can do something like this to check that a new version has been installed.

Screenshot_2019-05-24%20Kodular%20Creator(1) Screenshot_2019-05-24%20Kodular%20Creator(2)

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