How to get text from Firebase (making announcement text)?


I am looking for a way to show message from the Firebase to a label in the app. This label will show announcement that can be changed using the value in Firebase.

So far, I have done this in the Firebase.

I also have done this in the Creator

But, when I approached the “set label text to …”, I’ve got confused since there is no expected block to be put in there.

What can I do to make this online announcement text in the label?

Thank you.

When firebase get value, if tag is … then set Label.text to get value.


Hello @dora_paz,
Thank you for the response.

I have tried to implement your answer as follows

But, when the screen is initialized, the label does not show any text (blank).

How may I solve this, please?

make sure this place is empty


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On Screen Initialize label will be blank unless you set it to a generic message. Maybe set label visible to false and once got value set visible to true

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