How to get text (td) from webpage

I want extract text from a table cell of webpage
It will update when a button clicked.
So I want the updated text.
When I inspect in Chrome in desktop it shows it as td.

Object I want this text

Your comment did not paste properly because this forum also uses HTML. Can you paste a screen shot of the text you are trying to parse between.

Ok please wait

I want text which is right side of objects

Please reply

You need the raw html to see how it is drafted to be able to parse that. It looks like a JSON, so that can actually help.

What is the RAW HTML that opens and closes the content?

You can freely ignore saying no
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When a button is clicked the table cell text will change.
I want the changed text

Answer that please.

This is a community to also help others. We do not help privately unless it is confidential API keys etc.


bro can you send the link