How to get the selected position value from listview image text to another screen?

Hi I’m new to kodular and still learning. please don’t rip me and I hope can get from your help.
I would like to click the listview image text link to another screen to display my data from firebase but I faced some error.

this is the listview image text that display my data from firebase(view schedule)

the new screen that i want to get the selected value from listview image text to display my data. (approve drive)

My firebase

I hope any expert can help me on this. Thank you

See You Tags are B001 & the Value of Position is 1 so they cannot be the same. Instead Try Like this:

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Make a global list as ValuesForTag and add value to this list as item when Firebase_Bus_Route Got Value.

Then when listview clicked, get item from ValuesForTag by position and pass it with start value, so you can use this value on your next screen.


Solved. Thanks

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