How to get the User Tutorial Badge?

This is, again, completely Off-topic. I wanted to ask how to complete this “New User tutorial”:

and also this one “Advanced User Tutorial”:

So, because I see more and more people having this badges, I’d wanted to have them too :blush:
But I nowhere found a single word about how to get to this interactive tutorials. I know that it is probably so simple that it cannot be called simple at all but I don’t understand it.


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Check your Private Messages, you would’ve got a message telling you how to get them.

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Nope. I’ve checked them no message who tells me to do this. :thinking: :disappointed:

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So where can I make this tutorial?
Or is this not possible anymore.

Yes you can still get it, send a PM to @KodeBot.

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Should I just ask him for the tutorial?

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@KodeBot display help

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding. I just don’t know what to do. How should I interact whit @KodeBot?

Go to @KodeBot’s profile and start a new private message.

Ok, but what should I type in? just explain to him what I need or what?
and wdym with

Sorry for this little knowledge :grimacing:

Type this in the PM:

And it’ll reply with all the commands you need to get the badges.

Thank you very much, Conor!

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It is always good to search before asking any question. I used your words and got a list that answers your question.


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