How to get thumbnails for phone storage videos?

Hello friends,
I create a app its working fine. App name whatsapp story saver. But there a problem my image shows a card view but video have no thumbnails. I want show video thumbnails. I try card view in list view. Try extension for thumbnail but now working.
I search every were but i no get any help from any source. So finally i send problem here for discussion. I attached apk with question. [Uploading: Download_send_forword.apk…)I hope you understand and help me thank you. Good night
(its my 1st question i its a wrong way or any problem than sorry in advance)

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Don’t post direct extension download links, please give the actual website link. Because you look like you made this extension.


Agree 100% . Your post has been flagged. Post the original publication source, even if it is hosted here on the forum, post the link to the publication message.

Listen to @yusufcihan . That is a highly respected member and contributor who knows their stuff.


This extension already used by not working in list view.

This extension is not working, I too faced the issue and still wondering how?

grand write permission while app open like this

when screen open ask for permission.

permission name