How to get TMDB Id from current URL

How to get TMDB Id from current URL

So I want to store the Movie OR Web series ID from the URL when a user visits the info page of the content

Extract only 100088 from the URL

Extract only 545611 from the URL

Yes I saw other posts but understood nothing and would appreciate if someone gives solution for this one

Do you want to get the data of movie ?? If yes then you can use IMDb for that with api

  1. Split the url by /
  2. Select the last item in the list
  3. Split by -
  4. Select the first item in the list


No just id from url

Can you give some examples?

There are movies too

I am not getting your point can you explain what do you want?

Simple thing is use regex extension

I listed the 4 steps, now it is your turn to try something and if you got stuck, post a screenshot of your relevant blocks


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I’m sorry friend, I put the blocks on you and even so you don’t solve anything, I think that with such a low level of interpretation it will be difficult for you to do anything

I’m sorry thanks for the blocks I’m trying to use ur and others help to solve my issue

**@Taifun @Gaurav_Bansal @Still-learning @Gaston **

Thanks for your help guys using your tips I solved the issue

here’s a solution:

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you can use , as i said by reg ex method easily… or you can try this extension


It is not always necessary to resort to extensions when you have the means, many cannot go beyond 5 aix.

Apart from my point of view, for those who are learning, it takes away logic and resolution capacity in development.

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