How to get two cell value and set the values

as you can see i have called two values from airtable but how do i defer which values belongs to which cell. as there is only one block get value after got cell. and as a resulat the value of both label is same. so pls tell me how to solve this

You cant ask for two things at the same time and expect the program to know what you want. You should do it like this.


well what should i do if i have to call 5 cell values. and set the values to label text. i tries using the same method by using another variable and and adding spreadsheet 2. but it didn’t workout it seems like this method can only be use if you have to call 2 cell values. pls someone tell me how to call 5 cell values. and set text to 5 labels.

add more else statements. I have 20 or so for Firebase.

i already tried that but not working

Well show your blocks then. It does work. Lets see what you tried


You dont need two spreadsheet components. If you do, make sure that the proper GotCell is being used. GotCell for spreadsheet1 will not get called from a Spreadsheet 2 request.

You are not calling the per kill cell block

You are not calling the type block. It is very incomplete.

i solved this problem i need you help in other problem

And what is that?

everythinng is working as expected but when i again clickjoin button it doesn’t change the value in cell in spreadsheet. so basically it works only on first click. and then stops working.

You dont need so many components.

What you have is a loop. global join needs to be set first before you can add one to it.

I dont see a get join value first.

i called the cell when screen initialized and in got cell block set the value to global join. it is not wrong afterall it is working for the first try then it stops working.

What do you mean it works the first time and not after all.

i mean it changes the value of cell in spreadsheet when we press the button for first time. but when we again press the button it doesn’t chenge the value. i guess airtable in very slow.

Yes airtable is not a real time database. That is what Firebase is for.

However it still should change, so there is something going on with your blocks, or you are doing it too quickly

yes i am doing it quickly. and for firebase i have a lot doubts and i don’t know whether someone will able understand these doubts or not or think i am stupid.

First start by creating a new project and the run through a few tutorials on how firebase works.

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Regarding the original question: Too bad the Got Cell method doesn’t also return the column name!!

Yes that is an oversite in the build of this extension. You just need to pass it as a variable manually.

You can still accomplish it, just not as slick :slight_smile: