How to get unique tag name when stored

Hello Koders,

First please check the image attached to get a clear view how I store this tag in firebase.

Here you can see that it stores tagname which also joins a random integer from 1 to 1000.

What I am looking for?
I want to get the tag name which has been stored on the for some reason.
Note - there will be a tag created everytime on the specific event, on every creation I want to get the name.

Thanks in advance.

First of all you since you are using random integer block there is a chance that you will pick the same number again. As for storing maybe you could use tinyDB to store all tags in a list

For unigue tags you could use join block with call clock system time



thanks a lot, and how can I get that tag. Is it like at the same time I can store it?

Something like this maybe …?

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I stored as following. but there’s a value difference.

Value for text = feedbackrecieved1641139237652
Value for firebase = feedbackrecieved1641139237653

Please tell how to fix it!

Any method like if I can add +1 to last digit of text value or something like it.

Thanks in advance.

Try like this

thanks, what i have to initialize global saved tags to?

to an empty list

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Thanks a lot,
Here’s I found one more method.

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