How to get Unlimited Free Hosting For News, Wallpapers app?

Show your blocks. Maybe you’re doing it wrong while parsing ‘edges’ tag.:thinking:

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Will you please share the url, so that I can also produce the error and then fix it.

1 Like{"id":"6729611593",%20"first":"35",%20"after":null}

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I have checked it but can not understand that how it is throwing an error. For every other instagram accounts, I am getting the results I want. It may happen because of the captions(as it is starting wtih #). Just a guess. :thinking:

After trying this procedure, I am getting this error:

The operation convert an alist to a dictionary cannot accept the arguments: , [((node]. :zipper_mouth_face:

the account is even public
json is normal but the issue is with parsing the json into list

Yes. I tried with dictionary but getting error with that too. Have you tried with other url?

pls make sure the json string is a valid json format.

Ok. I’ll try and let you know​:grimacing:

Have you found any solution for the above issue?

Everything is working fine with different user accounts. I am only facing problem with the link you have provided. It’s strange.

Can u make this system like this… :point_down::point_down:

Only For Caching images from Instagram…

Yeah. You can make it but on the first page you can only show thumbnail of the video because the source url of video does not comes with main JSON response.

You can extract video url by using the shortcode of the the instagram video.

@golumaths100 please make tutorial…

Can Image’s catch via Instagram post’s Url …

I mean just copy the post url and show it in Image’s app …

Can this happen …?
Please make tutorial on this topic …


DM me. I will explain you about how to show image by entering Instagram post url in your app. Since, I don’t know how many people want tutorial on this topic, I can not make it only for you. Hope you understand. :slight_smile:

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amazing guide this will help many user


Glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

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i like you guide @golumaths100… keep it up!!

Glad you liked it. Thank you. :slight_smile: