How to get user contact number

i want to get the contact number of user is there any way , just like google account picker picks the mail id ,the same way contact picker to pick the contact number ,

Have you tried phone number firebase authentication

no , i did not tried

i want to learn phone number firebase authentication how it works

  1. Enable phone authentication in firebase project

  2. Add your app in the project

  3. Create Two arrangement 1. Login 2. After logged in

  4. If user not signed then visible arrangement 1 (e textbox & a button) else visible arrangement 2

  5. If user clicks sign in or login button use the send phone verification to join (+91)(textbook text)

In phone number login successful
Set arrangement 1 visible to false
Set arrang 2 visible to true

without firebase authentication is it not possible to get the number just like google account picker

Use contact picker along with permission.
Ref phone picker documentation

I think this doesn’t work in the companion right?

Yes it doesn’t. Firebase authentication can be tested only with apk

Yes… None of firebase authentication will not work in Companion … in apk only need to test it

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