:firebase: How to get value from multiple buckets from Database

Well I don’t know what the bucket would be as it’s the name of user…

I haven’t tried this extension ever nor have I used dictionary, but I’ll try.

New things are interesting :upside_down_face:

I just want to get the tags, not the values.

I added it coz 1 by 1, I want to get all the tags under all the names…

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first when you get all the list then change the project bucket

You wont need the names, i gave an example

You would get both the values too and tags too

Can you plz provide an example of blocks as I didn’t got you properly

try this: sorry for the image quality … I’m out of my Notbook.

Thanks @Douglas_Maueski

But in your case you know the bucket name Abcd/....

Are you using authentication? or store the name of the user when he registers or logins the app in tinyDB so instead where it is /abcd use tinyDB to get the name of the current user

You’re correct
But only name is stored in TinyDB
Rest in Firebase Database

That I’ve already done
When Screen initialize, set bucket to [Tiny DB get value(name)]
And get all values like about, password, points etc

The tags with random numbers are the posts which user creates

Now, I am only able to get the posts which one user has created (like abcd only not manbir)

Hope you’ll understand

Its obvious you are going to receive of only one person cause you are setting the project bucket of only the user that is logged in

That’s what I’m asking :smiley:
How to get all tags under other user
Glad that you got me correct

If you want to get all the data of all the users create a list of all the users and keep adding new users to it when they register. When your screen initialises get that list now you have every user’s name.

Or create a bucket called Users store everything in that bucket and use get all tags to get the names of all the users

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Thanks a lot for your help :kissing_smiling_eyes:
I’ll try

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Firebase App Not Working If Persist In Checked, And Working Fine If Persist Unchecked(Disable). Anyone have solution.

Unmark the persist . Instead use clock components.

Screen initialize, set clock timer always false
(Unmark timer always)

When clock timer, get firebase value(using respective tag)

you can refer this post to get value from multiple fb bucket

From your first pist, image file, abcd mandhir are il bucket and the rest things are tags and values.

If you want only tag, use the block call tag list

Play all project bucket created by the user in a list (spinner) and then you choose as tags which project bucket you want to use

project bucket
Play on a spinner

Then you choose which one you want to show

After a lot of struggle, I did it!

Note: I don’t think anybody can understand what useless lists I’ve added but this is working correctly.

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