How To Get Value of Label In Dynamic Component

I have created 5 card view and 5 label using dynamic component how to get value of dynamic label.

please help

You must clear with id of each component. User can get card id only on click. So get id of clicked card then convert into required component id then use get text method by using the obtained id

thanks for sharing, I am nob in kodular. Your answer is more understandable for me if you share with blocks.

sample (if you use default Dynamic card and label)

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I have not used dynamic card i have used simple card view. please help what i do.

Show us what have you used for dynamic creation …

If the “label” unique name is set to be “iMessage_{count}” in a listing operation using a schema, which blocks can I use to make the desired edits on the “label”?

Edit: I solved the problem.