How to get video path with Activity starter?

Hi, koders: I need to pick a video and Upload it to Cloudnary with Activity Starter but, im facing with getting File path.

How can i pick a video and upload it to cloudnary?
I tried this trick: App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Pick a file | Pura Vida Apps but only i get Result url and not File path

Use taifun file by @taifun or file tools by @vknow360 to get path from content URI…
Taifun file:
file tools:


Also please search on the forms and google before asking because this question was asked many times before…

Thanks: but i dont need any extension, i need to use Activity starter to pick and upload.

I searched but no solotion for my case

I know,But you need to parse the URI to path…There isn’t another way…

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Why don’t you use VideoPicker component? :thinking:

its not working on some Android version 10 phones.


The video picker for some devices have some problem. Like on my phone it will call something elase to choose from.


Ohh… I see… :sweat_smile:

Use the activity result URI to get the URI after activity.

This is the way to turn URI to real file path.

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After getting an idea from @Mohamed_Tamer i tried his suggestion and comes up with solution.

Check up my blocks:

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I’m happy it has been solved…But take care…You are only uploading the thumbnail of the video to cludinary not the whole video…

screenshots updated

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