How to Get Web content height

Hello koders, How to find out the content height that webview loaded.
I already search on this community i didn’t find out any result.

Content height means inner html divs height

Did you know what id or class of that content.
If this is your site or static html of yours then i will help you

I am fetching content in htlml from my wp website

Can you post image of content you want to know height

That was in html by json api like normal html

Yes post that part of html you want to know height

Just think that for this post

In this which portion you want to get height

I am getting this post body text by html

Wait till evening when i am on pc i will reply you for getting height of div that you highlighted

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That text will be change according different post

I will check format and reply

I check and get height but problem is your text is in p tag which height starts from middle of image.
So height which returns genuine is thrice of actual height of text.
Inspects this text you will see this starts from behind the image.
Fix this for work correctly.

Man i think you didn’t understand. I want set height of webview that was loading my content according to the content height

But content height is greater than content.
It starts from middle if same height you set of webviever than half image is shown

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