How to give blurry background to the layout

Hello Guys,
I need to make the screen something like that:
Here I need to put the vertical layout, set background image to some image then it will automatically blur.

I searched in the community and found an extension made by @varsha .

But this extension is not working for me, i did something like that:

I have also changed the values of radius but its :expressionless:

Am I doing something wrong while using the extension or ?
And is there any other methods?

Specification of device i am using

Brand : Oppo
Version: 8.1.0


Design this bg on photoshop and place this as bg image on vertical arr.

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Upload image in assets then try.

I know this method but I am making an application where i have to fetch a large no of images and turn them to blur. Thankyou @Earn_Money_online . Is there other methods you know??

U saw their aia blocks?


this is neither working for Assest 's images too.
test.aia (1.3 MB)

Listen remove vertical_arrangement2 from screen initialize and then see may be it is work


Still not working

p.m me I can help u

Why to PM?Any specific reason? If not, then discuss the solution here, so that it will help other users also.


I just wanted to give him links of some websites to do so

You can paste links here unless you are not going off-topic or breaking any other rule.

Ok @Vaibhav

@theanonymous Here u go :

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Test this and see if it works. In my example VA1 is bottom layout and has a background image and VA1 is top layout and has no background image . Move slider to change blur

test_blur_1.aia (1.3 MB)


Its working @dora_paz . Thank you. Now I understand how it works. Thankyou very much @dora_paz .

As well , thankyou to @UnknownBeast for responsing to the topic.


This is a bad blur and slow. It takes a screenshot and blurs, not in real time.

You need to do this:

What are you saying @sergii ? I am not understanding you.

Use Photoshop blur, it will be better)

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