How to give clipboard write permission to a webpage

i am trying to copy a code/number from a copy button which is inbuilt in a web page of webview and paste it on other screen … but it shows error message on webview as for example "…com says, copy failed: write permission denied" if i use custom webview it doesnt show error and doesnt copy the code but stucks all webview components in app.

Hi @pkalyan
Which one are you using WebViewer or CustomWebView?

I tried both…in case of webview it gives error message…incase of custom webview it freezes webview pages doesnt scrolls and also copy function not worked

Probably because you have not used ‘OnJsAlert’ event.
Also can you show an example.

That is one of those issues of webview which needs to be fixed.
See here:

:frowning_face: can any java script overcome this problem…or any pdf417 realtime barcode scanner extension available ?

and on this process how to stop freezing app

Use appropriate cancel js method.
For OnJsAlert event use DismissJsAlert method.

still freezes… pages are not scrolling

That should not happen.
Can you show your blocks?
Are you using Android 10?