How to handle click of dynamic & non-dynamic components in single screen?

I am using dynamic card-view and non-dynamic card-view on the same screen. When dynamic card-view is clicked I used block and specific card-view is revoked by its id. But in the case of non-dynamic card-view, it shows runtime error as for non-dynamic card-view I didn’t get its id. So, how do I set id for non-dynamic card-view or is there any way to handle click of non-dynamic card-view.

Screenshot (123)_LI

I am using it for dynamic ones, I am asking for non-dynamic one

This is non dynamic cardview

Show error


I am getting this error because in if statement I am using a logic that gets the id of the dynamic component which is clicked but if the non-dynamic component is clicked it shows this error coz the non-dynamic component don’t have id. So, I am asking will I have to create all label dynamically or there’s some way to handle click for dynamic & non-dynamic component separately.

You can simply use the Is dynamic block to check if is dynamic created.

Thanks, man, it’s a matter of few blocks only. I have to look into all before posting I think

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