How to have a backend for my application made with kodular?

hi, I would like to know how you make the backend of your applications that you do with kodular? thank you.

explain more clearly did you want admin app for your application.

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thank you ShaikhSajidAli for your reply. that’s exactly what i want. an admin system for my app. for example :

  • kodular for the frontend
  • Firebase for the database.
  • and what for the backend?
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Frontend means part of app which users interact like ui and design of app.
Backend means part of app which performs core functions like crud operation saving and retriving data from database(firebase).
So want admin app made with kodular just like you make user app.
Admin app is usefull if you want to insert data in database regularly or mostly from which user get.
Eg. News app you update data and user only fetch this
Which type of app did you make


I have 3 types of application project:

  • ecommerce application
  • announcements application. (each user can post his announcement)
  • news blog
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Create a simple new app for news blog and connect with database. This app is used to post data in database just like

This you have done but not a user only you can post from this app in a specified category and user only read this database same for e-commerce app

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okay, thanks.

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