How to hide my Downloaded files

Yes! User can’t have access to file stored in /data/data/ unless the device is rooted

I want only my app can access the file

You already got answer here

Okay I can use this path as my private files

Thank you very much @gopi

Yes! You can see there

I can try this /data/data/package/

I use filetools extension this path exists then notifier will say yes but non-thing happen how I can access this path

Read documentation of that extention

What do you mean by “How to hide my Downloaded files”?
Where are the files downloaded from and where should they be saved?
Post the (relevant) blocks.

I download pdf from my app and I want hide the pdf that I downloaded

And again: What does that mean? Where comes the pdf file from (where is it stored)?

I use Download which is Inbuilt component in kodular

I download the pdf file using Download component
And that pdf store in /storage/emulated/0/Download/my folder/pdf

Now I want to hide this pdf file which can only access though my app or rooted device in location /data/data/packagename

you might want to use the file extension and move that file to the ASD - application specific directory

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Try this:

This way the pdf file is downloaded directly to a hidden folder (→ myDownloads) in the ASD without WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. This folder (myDownloads) can only be accessed by your app and is automatically deleted when the app is uninstalled.

I haven’t published this extension for Kodular yet (for AI2 only), but you can use this extension for this purpose too:

Thank you so much

You can now use this new extension:

If I want to copy the file from ASD to /storage/emulated/0/my folder what will be a file path what is path of ASD path ???

this will be returned by the method ApplicationSpecificDirectory
please try something and if you get stuck, post a screenshot of your relevant blocks

Still I can access the ASD dir

So basically I download the file thought your extension and I used file Tools extension to make list of folder which are present in ASD and I get path to label1 so now I get path of ASD but I access this dir (my phone is not rooted)

Example screenshot :point_down:

Is there is anyway to hide my files from user permanently (with out using “.”)

you still can access the files, because Kodular targets API 29, but as soon as Kodular targets API 30 only apps with special permission (like file managers) can access them

if someone wants to find the file, he/she will find it…
a probably safer place would be to store the pdf file in the assets without downloading it from somewhere