How to hilight desired tags in listview

Hold on… Shall i give you one more easy way with little extension?

there by you can sort the bucket into order and can create listview. No need to call tag list and tag values and all

See the difference. If no data color is red else green

Project bucket is in order

Total Blocks

Javascript extension to sort the list orderlly

Firebase stru


Can you write the JavaScript code here which you have used in blocks

[Add_your_key_within_this_bracket].sort((a, b) => a.localeCompare(b, 'en', { numeric: true })).toString()

where from did you get these blocks…?

That is called procedures… for common work place we can use that

Go to procedure components side only from blocks area and don’t search in designer area

Refer documentation page
Procedures - Kodular Docs

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I did same as you but its showing only tag in every value

Note i changed this with get value


Once get result in Kio4_JS1, print the result in label and show me the result

I edited this post read it plzz

I Want to see the output of Kio4_JS1 then only can help you further

When kio4_JS1 result
Set label text to get result

And show me the response

Its only showing the project buckts

Firebase structure

Pls disconnect and reconnect companion and test once again. All r seems to be ok

As i Said it is working fine

No its not

Check your PM

Your fb url value

This Guy @Still-learning is literally doing great efforts to help out peoples in the community. The way he is helping everyone in most the topics in the community he must be a moderator. even moderator can’t help community members he is literally working as he is real moderator. Love it and thanks alot for solving my query :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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