How to i Delete this extension

in my 1 project i import 1 extension but right now this feature in kodular available so i want to delete this extension but delete icon not showing


Delete it from assets

how ? where is asset ?

At the top right you find “assets designer block”

I don’t recognize that extension :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is it in the extensions directory?

If you no longer use the extension blocks and want to remove it you can try to modify the AIA (Not recommended)

in asset show only 1 image i uploaded for logo

but my application on play store i export aia and import to change keystore and any other issue found than

AIA does not contain a keystore, if that is what it means

are you sure no any problem found if i export aia file edit and import to

Download the AIA and rename it, then open it with, for example, 7-zip, go to the Assets -> external_components folder (or something like that) and delete the extension

Reimport the AIA (Remember, name changed) and try

Hola! Yo tenia el mismo problema y acabo de solucionarlo, lo que he hecho ha sido descargar una extension que si me permite borrarla, he cambiado el nombre del archivo de la extension que si me permite borrarla por el de de mrSound , a continuacion la he subido a kodular y posteriormente he borrado el archivo, junto con ello se ha borrado la extension de mrSound, espero que te funcione


Hello! I had the same problem and I just solved it, what I have done was download an extension that, if you allow me to delete it, I have changed the name of the file of the extension that if you allow me to delete it by the name of mrSound, then I have uploaded it to kodular and later I have deleted the file, along with it the mrSound extension has been deleted, I hope it works for you

Sorry for the translation, I have used the google translator

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