How to implement the Firebase Analytic extension in my app

In the community I have found an extension that allows to implement Firebase Analytic in apps, but there is no tutorial on how to link the google Analytic account.
If anyone knows the correct use of said extension, I appreciate your help.

The extension is this: Firebase Analytics

track events, audience information of your app


fire.aia (2.0 MB)
Demo Aia

Make sure to Add google-services.json in assets


Is it necessary to create a block on each screen of the app?
or do I just need to put it on screen1?

If you are showing analytics on Only one screen then you need to add this block on only one screen and if you want to show it on more screen then add this on each screen


First I want to thank you for developing such a wonderful extension.

I have a question. There will be the possibility of creating a tutorial on how to make it work that helps less experienced users like me for example.

From already thank you very much! :slight_smile:

U just need google-services.json in assets, drag firebase authentication component(just for deps)

and u just need to call log event :slight_smile:

Simple blocks

Note : u just need to drag firebase autentication component, no need to code

Because i am dumby, please explain me how can i add the json in assets?

you drag the file on Kodular file upload

Where is the file upload??

Seriously, you don’t know where it is?

I found it sorry

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