How to import niotron aia in kodular?

I create an app in Niotron, now Niotron website is offline (not working) but i have the aia file, i import the aia file to Kodular but i face an error : " unable to find Niotron card view".

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then you should to remove it, since the site is not currently working, I am afraid that you will have to program the application again From the beginning


Some users still think they can jump from one builder to the other without problems. Builders are much to different these days. That is why when you choose a builder you have to be sure they will stay online or have a stable development team behind it with enough knowledge and even finances to keep the servers running.


I know kodular is the best… I am using it … from more then 3 years.

I just create one app in other platform… n this thing happen

Although niotron blocks seems to be same alike modular, certain blocks only will function properly. So sad to say, it is highly impossible to use

Why you use niotron ?

what do you mean why anyone can use any builder to make apps but now as he said niotron is offline so he want to import aia in kodular

Kodular is a stable builder with a very motivated and committed development team and an excellent, helpful community and many excellent moderators.

If I had to choose, I’d go with Kodular.

I faced the same issue as I went from appybuilder to kodular. Some components were the same but with different names (spacer / space). So you need to remove those components in the origin builder and reimport them from kodular´s component hodgepodge.

As @mahmoudkamel said, if niotron is not available anymore, you cannot delete the deprecated components and so you have to start from stratch.

Many users went through this mess, so I did.

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I also Saw Niotron It was a Bug Builder

It has more features but Worst

As new features dosent work like background task

Kodular is best Less bug or no bug

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On our community we don’t talk bad about other builders. Every builder can have his pros and cons. I really believe that devs are always dedicated to make their builder a success but sometimes they get more then they can chew.

Users of builders are very often not really loyal. In many cases they are only interested in making easy money like in the case of earning apps. Because those are not allowed here they go to other builders in the hope that they are allowed.