How to Improve app ui in kodular

please give us tips or some degine to inprove our app degine like andriod studio

Added a few pointers:

My quick thoughts.

  • Play around and experiment.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Arrangements can nest inside one another.
  • Always look at ALL the blocks available for a component; you would be surprised what options you have.
  • Learn how to change images, sizes, make things visible etc.
  • Keep your colours simple
  • Keep your design simple
  • Round your edges where you can.
  • Stay away from serif fonts
  • Lotties, when used right, can add real professionalism.
  • The spotlight is fantastic for building tutorials.
  • Look at other apps, and try to recreate a design feature as a test. Use the backpack in Creator to save your blocks.

======= Added Content.

  • The Create Custom Dialogue Notifier can add an immense amount of professionalism when used right.
  • Don’t assume you need to break your application up into screens. Proper use of layouts should mitigate most needs for additional screens.
  • Think about how to provide realtime feedback on stats, or usage with a Realtime Database like Firebase. This feedback can increase the quality of a user experience by preventing them from having to guess or search for answers.
  • You don’t have to use the embedded options menu, but you should ensure you have easy access to help, tutorials, data usage, and purchase options.
  • Very Important : Have proper event handlers for errors. Make sue you are checking Response Codes, and responding accordingly. Make sure you use the Screen1 Error method to respond to issues.

My overall suggestion, make your app work, make it work well then make it look good.


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