How to make a more "pretty" and less generic app

Hello everyone, I’ve been using kodular for a while and even more using App Inventor, but I admit that kodular has better things.
Well I like to do apps here, I do them recurrently for my robotics school projects, and for personal projects, I even got to use it to do my final project of the university with which I could become an engineer.

So here’s the reason for my post, how I make my applications look better, that they look like an application for the whole public, google or apple style, that have shadows on the edges and floating windows. I tried and managed to make applications with a bit of style, putting images made by me and color combinations, I used buttons to make round blocks and things like that, but today I come for help from you who already have knowledge of the subject.

I would like to be given recommendations to make more “pretty” an app and also if there is any extension with this purpose and also to make better animations with objects, like fade a button, make a buzz to an item or things like that.

(Sorry if my English is bad, I’m using the translator because I’m Mexican, thanks for reading and I’m waiting for your recommendations, ;D)

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Hi @alexander_aguilar_mt, welcome to Kodular community, Please have a look on this topics. it might help you.


I will take them into account thank you for the contribution;D


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