How to include third-party insurers in my app (for pet carers)?

I’m currently developing an app that’s supposed to connect pet owners with reliable caretakers in the area. But an important feature I’m struggling with is integrating third-party pet insurance services into the app, which would let both parties choose one of the options, agree on it, and have more piece of mind during longer periods of…pet-caring.

Anyway, I want the integration to be seamless so that users can opt-in for insurance coverage directly through the app while booking services. So, any advice on APIs and user interface design for smooth integration?


Try a Google search for a pet insurance in your country

Try a search here in the community


Integrating third-party insurers would definitely be great for your pet care app. And from what I know, APIs are supposed to be the backbone of this kind of integration. Look into APIs provided by pet insurance companies like Healthy Paws or Petplan, as they offer seamless connections for users.
As for UI design, simplicity is always best. Users want a smooth experience, so make sure the insurance options are easy to understand and select during the booking process. I found this helpful article listing some of the best pet insurance companies -, which could give you a good starting point to explore your options.
Also, don’t forget to consider user feedback during the design process. Their insights will help you create a user-friendly app.