How to Increase Data read Limit/Quota for Spreadsheet?

I’m importing data in dynamic app using google app script
there is a Quota limit for reading data = 50,000 Read daily

I have almost max 110Cells to import
if I merge all 110 cells in single-cell by adding comma can it decrease quota usage?

How to count appscript usage Quota/Limit?

If there is any other Suggestion please suggest

You should ask google app script and read docs about how they count rows by the way they rare not stupid they also have limit for words in one cell because all database have set to some value so this idea is flop another is you should go premium

I have Seen here that max string length is 50,000 Characters
is the String=Cell?

Also fond answer is : Cell Limit is 50,000Characters

Ya i guess i cell limit is 50000 but you can’t manage if you join all your cells if you want to edit anything in between then you need to view whole cell

As i suggest you put json data in cell its easy to add and easy to destructure

No, We can manage all data on Second Sheet. and merge all data by a formula in one cell. so we can manage it easyly.

So you can go.
But try this on new sheet if works then go with it

Problem is not managing data and cell limit.
My Doubt is How to calculate Read Data Request?
is it 1Cell=1Read? (if this is correct then i can go with this)
or character length?