How to increase icon size in Floating_Action_Button?

as u see in pic i add Whatsapp icon in FAB but WhatsApp icon is too small even I add FAB size Normal. Anyone knows and is it possible? Whatsapp icon size is 512*512

If the whatsapp fab size is normal… Why is it then smaller as all others ?
Sure you set it to size “normal” ?

now u see my all fab size is normal but still (copy ,angry,share) icon not covered in FAB

Which sizes does every picture have?

all icon size is 512*512

They are all to big for fab.
Use they smaller as example 256 x 256 or 128 x 128

Too make sure you have not following problem:

Do you understand what the picture wants to say you?
No matter if ALL of your pictures have the same size, you have to make sure that the icon inside it have too the same size for all.
Else it will looks like in your picture.

sir i apply all size but still not work. check this

you using picture or FAB.tff here?

i use picture

try to use only round pictures or square pictures and tell us the result.
Like you used 3 round and 2 square images above. Just use all images of same shape and tell us the result.

yes i try all round icons but still same problem

also check settings of all floating buttons is same
and try to make all floating buttons on new screen to see if it’s still of different sizes or not

i also try on different screen and different project also but still same problem icons too small