How to increase Scroll speed in Firefox

Hi. I have been using Firefox since my project increased considerably in blocks. Although Firefox has the best performance, it is difficult for me to scroll to raise or lower the pagination of the blocks because it is super slow and I have to move it with my hand by clicking on the canvas.

How can I increase the speed of Scroll of Kodular Creator in Firefox?

Open Kodular Creator with Firefox, use Mouse Scroll on the blocks tab (with blocks on the canvas)

Scrolls quickly without a hitch

The dezplasamiento is very slow, I have to click on the canvas to use my hand and move. Although it is uncomfortable because I have to let go every time the hand reaches the upper or lower limits and move the hand on the opposite side to continue moving through the blocks and I can accidentally break a block

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Zoom out and scroll.

Use other browser except FIREFOX
Edit: It’s not the problem of kodular

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If it’s not a problem with Kodular, then why do other sites work with Firefox?


If it’s a problem with Kodular, then why there are no problem for other browsers except Firefox?

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Disable the Smooth Scroll feature from Options.

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When I’m Open Kodular Creator Site in Chrome Then Hang My Chrome & Very Slow Work Kodular When I’m Open In Opera Then Work Fine What Is Problem?? Anyone Help Me??

I know this problem, unfortunately I did not find a solution in windows, but I know that on Mac it does not happen (try reporting it to firefox)

Thank you.

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I’m looking to the Firefox help channel to request that you check this out. If the colleague says that the versions of Firefox for other OS do not have the same problem, then it must be some characteristic of the version of Windows that is affecting the scrolling in Ai2. Also see if the MIT App Inventor forums have any unofficial solutions.

I will report here if there has been news

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