How to input a lot of data at once into a spreadsheet

how to input a lot of data at once into google spreadsheet. I want to input a lot of student data. Or maybe input all at once to airtable

example :
name1,class1,gender1 (row 1)
name2,class2,gender2 (row 2)
name3,class3,gender3 (row 3)
input all at once

Can someone help me with this?

In script code try appendRows function

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try this code… credit to @TimAi2

ref : METRIC RAT AI2 - Google Sheets for AppInventor

finally web url must be set like this ,

Your_Script url?ID=Sheet_ID&SH=Sheet_Name&FN=writeRange&REF=Enter_The_Cell_Ref&DATA=[[data should goes here]]

This script code will write numerous data into ghseet at once

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thank you very much, i will try it[["1","2","3","4"],["1","2","3","4"],["1","2","3","4"],["1","2","3","4"],["1","2","3","4"],["1","2","3","4"],["1","2","3","4"]]

testing url

Check Here before and after running the above url in new tab

By changing the ref cells try to test , how fast it is ading the bulk data in gsheet


Evening only i will getinto pc. Meanwhile if anyother responds please use it

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