How to insert a list in SQlite database

Hi everyone!
I have a Mysql query that returns (id, nome, materia, turmas, email, senha) which I store in a List.
Now, I want to insert the data of this list in the SQlite database that I’ve created.
Any help?
I come from PHP language. It’s my first project in Kodular.
I’m pretty sure the blocks aren’t ordered in the correct way

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Friend, the return of your Select shows different fields in each column.

take item 2 from each item…
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Output list to csv, then

I’ve edited the return of the query.
Now it doesn’t return 12 values as it used to return earlier, but only 6 (id, nome, materia, turmas, email, senha)

Now , You Will use Select item List

one select inside the other

And for each

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The question is… How?

What method are you using to connect to sqlite?

Your return is :
( (id, nome, materia, turmas, email, senha) (id, nome, materia, turmas, email, senha)) ?

Use 2 Blocks Select item List ( like Image above )

Field 2 and 3 from list.

I’ve created the table in the first line of my code with this query: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS professor ( id INTEGER, nome TEXT, materia TEXT, turmas TEXT, email TEXT, senha TEXT);

I’m trying to insert using "Call Sqlite1.Insert.

Thanks, but for this project I need to work with SQlite database.

Thanks, buddy!

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