How to iterate this list and insert the data in SQlite

Hello there!
I’m trying to iterate inside a list with data which I receive from the web and insert this data in the SQlite database.
Here comes the data:

Here are the blocks:

What am I doing wrong?

You probably need to make the list of values first, then insert the list.

[edit] from here…

Sorry! I’m not sure if I understood your tip!
I have the list of values on “Global lista_alunos”, then I try to insert it’s values using the foreach block.

I have looked again, you have your list item selection blocks incorrect


Remove the outer select item from list block, and move the item into the inner select item from list block

I got the solution with the help of my friend @Rogerio_Rios .
Everything was right with the exception of the block LENGTH that I had to change for LENGTH OF LIST LIST.
Once changed the block the app runs perfectly!!!

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Group work!

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Thanks, TimAi2!
The blocks were correct! I just put the wrong LENGTH block!
Now it’s working!

Thank you for the attention!
You’re helping me a lot!

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No, they were not. You changed your method completely…:wink:

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