How to know if the decimal value of a text box is true or false?

How to know Decimal value of TextBox text is true or false when Clock timer enabled to true.

Error i found when text typing on TextBox

I need to Type Acre.Gunta in one TextBox
like Integers are Acre and Decimal are Gunta
Screenshot_2021-06-01 Kodular Creator(2)

I want to know if TextBox.text is equal to 10.40, decimal places are more than 39 is true or false.
please suggest me how to solve this problem.

I tried like this, no issue

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I have given minimum 5 sec time.So every 5 sec it will check and separate the values till user use the text box.


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Another way is using @Taifun 's textbox extension. Textbox is set to numbers only

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I have given Timer Interval to 100.

Its take 5 seconds to read. And more than 5 seconds if not type again it is showing error because of Select List item list index 2.

Thank you @dora_paz . I will check and let you know.

i have tried your method also

When you will get error mean, if user doesnot use . surely you will get that list error. So inform the user to use that .

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Thank you @Still-learning I will check and let you know.

Also if you want to check decimal places, for example 0.002 has 3 decimal places then use if lenght of…


this is also working

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Thankyou @bodymindpower
If TextBox.text Length is = 5 it will work.
If TextBox.text is = 12345.12345

And also actually TextBox.text length depends on user what type.
Mainly integer represents One TextBox and Decimal represents another one TextBox .

Still cont you get answer? and still searching?

@Still-learning I tried. This does not work for me because the clock has set the timer 100.

Dont use 100. Set value 5000/3000 value . i.e 5sec/3sec.

If you didnt set clock timer false mean automatically it will test for every 5sec/3sec

If not then you have to use taifun text box only

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This works for any number. But if the length is not known beforehand, you either need an After.Changed event or you use a done button.

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when TextBox.text is changed ClockTimer enabled to True.
when ClockTimer is on ClockTimer enabled to false.
it means user no need to wait for result.

i will try. thankyou

… means use TaifunTextbox extension.

Thank you. i will try.