How to know Package Names of other apps?

Hi. I’d like to know if social media apps, such as Facebook, are installed.

How do I research what the package names are?

Below is the code that I’d use in some format or another.

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Search required app on Google Play, go to Share App, Copy sharing link. Below is the sharing link of Pubg,

And the package name is starting after id=
So in this case, package name is com.tencent.ig


Or you can search on Google.

Just Google…Is Life Supporter…

Google is great, but I want to learn how to go right to the source myself, without relying on Google.

Thanks @asimjib93

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The package name for Facebook is com.facebook.katana
The package name for Twitter is

Let me know if you need any others

Thanks @ryanhapps!

I managed to learn that I should view the play store in a browser and search for the app that I need, and then take the URL value for ID. This would be the package name.

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No problem!

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