How to know that Users install how many apps

I want to know user install how many apps in phone .How can i get it quickly ?

Tell me anyone

Why don’t you just be patient and wait for help. Are you always like this? You did it also in other topics you made.



Something that is even better, is the use of search in the community or try things out for yourself


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Btw, If I understand the question correctly, you want to know how many apps are installed on the user’s phone

If so, I’ll give you the answer in about 96h since you are so damn impatient



Please tell me anyone or you because i makeing a app of my friend .I tell him i will give this app tomorrow .So please tell me

Yes it is my question .Please tell me the answer

I could not find a way to do it, so I built an extension.

Here ya go.

TotalPackageCount.aix (6.2 KB)


I think, this extension can solve your query.

Check Link: App Inventor Extensions: Package Manager | Pura Vida Apps

And this block:

Thanks @Taifun

Wow .I am testing…

I think its have a bug

When i uninstall a app and refresh it, it automatically increaseing

did you close and reopen the app?
Let me see if I can repeat

no i connect in live test .Its working on reopen and open .But after open if i redo this block it no detect how many apps in the mobile.You can fix it .But its a good extantion

Actually through this , I wanted that how many apps in the mobile .Then by block After a app install i repeat this process .If i get the old install number +1 = New Number ,I will give reward to user .So i Want this extention .If you can make this (Detect any time how many app download) I can make it .However its a good extantion and helpfull for all .If you can add this ,I can make this app

Ok I think I know how to make the logic a little more dynamic;

I will do it if it is a quick one.

Ok, I have made a few changes, it is building now.

I fixed the issue where it will recount properly each time it has been clicked.

I also added a second block that wont count system applications,
However the count it gives will also include applications that have been deleted, so the person cannot just install and uninstall the same app over and over. This only works if the app deleted leaves a footprint of data.

Will that help?

Well here it is, and it appears to work.

TotalPackageCount.aix (6.9 KB)


Wow works for me .Thanks

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