How to know the id and the title of the added market - google maps

How can I know the market id when we add it? Is there a way to establish an id for us through the json or how can it be identified?

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I was thinking about that myself, but how do I know which id belongs to each market? haha there is the unknown.

pos data: did you try if it works to put spaces to the title of the market?
link: Google maps does not allow spaces in the title of the market - #3 by ElMaxicero4

Did You try This :point_down:?

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OK, with these blocks I know what the id of the market is when I click on it, but it doesn’t tell me the title of the market.

How do I know the title of the market that I click on?

Your topic is about this. :point_up:

Are you telling me that I should open another topic about How to know the title of an aggregate market?

I have shown that your initial question has been answered.

You’ve added the title to a marker that has a latitude and longitude.Ok ?

Have you ever thought about relating the title to latitude and longitude?



I’m sorry but I didn’t understand that part.

Where can I find a complete guide about the google maps component?

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How Did You create the markers ?

Unfortunately I don’t feel like he tells me much about it.

I use json format

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Can you get the latitudes and longitudes and the title of this Json ?

Lat -12.998
Title - Title 1

Title - Title 2

yes, I provide them myself.


Try with dictionary …Or list …:+1:

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