How to know when a user is scrolling inside of a WebViewer

i tried this but i not get any idea how can i know user scrolling or not
please gave me solution of that . i have need of this

I m buzy right now u have to try it by yourself
And show your blocks where u r getting stuck

i used the scrolling change but i dont how cani know users scrolling or not

Show your blocks

i not able to make this if you have any idea then please gave may be some hint then i will again try, only gave idea

project is to be private, if you have any idea then please provide that. please gave the idea

For this purpose u can create a test project with a sample scrol arrangement and then use extension and show where r u getting stuck!!!



scrollchecker.aia (26.8 KB)


scrollchecker.apk (5.0 MB)

that you made that i already made , but i am using webview and i also placed the webviewer inside the vrticle scroll but not solve so how we can do that

@vknow360 can your CustomWebView extension do this?

Hi @nikzdreamer2001
I am not sure but your method will not work with webview. Because webview is also an arrangement so extension would not be able to detect scroll.
Although I have no knowledge of js but I have seen something made related to scroll using js.
Am I right @Peter ?



window.onscroll = function (e) {  
// will fire when you scroll

No,it will not work we have to use js…

I have not seen something related to js in your post not even js word is in your post :thinking:

It will return??

But before that post there were no where written that we have to handle scroll in webview​:joy::joy:

In this sample i use a javascript to store the position on the html i was when reading an html file.

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Yes , i know I forget to include the web view there so any one have solution.

How to use this , please can you able to tell me please