How to know when your app recieves a notification from onesignal?

Hello everyone , so I have created a app.

What I want in that is :-

Whenever the app recieves a notification from onesignal it should do some kind of function or at least it should identify that a notification is there.

Example:- A notification arrives and then the app triggers an event like setting an alarm.

Or it should get the notification data , or the content.

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@vknow360 @Xoma @Taifun @bodymindpower @Peter Please help me guys.

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Try this extension, it can do what you said, firebase messaging.

You can set any task to be performed when the message arrives, works in background, like a procedure will be called when the notification is shown, like playing a sound, etc, many things.

A huge Thanks to you for replying so much quick​:blush::pray:t2:.

But I had several questions, can’t I do it with Onesignal???

Because I am at a learning stage and this FCM extension is paid .

Hi no, unfortunately I havent created one-signal extension supporting those things yet :sweat_smile:

You can list your questions, I can provide you with a discount to the extension.
Or else you can sponsor me a new extension with one-signal :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh , sure in future I will surely sponsor your extension, as you are a great extension developer.

But as of now , I wanted that could I just get the notifications content from any method???

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There is no method right now available without the extension, since you are only limited to listen to notifications when the app only.

Ok thank you for detailed guides and answers :blush::pray:t2:.

I have been trying to use your wonderful Itoo background tasks extension. But it seems to be not working in the companion.

I have some other question for that extension too, so should I ask it here or should I raise a new question for that.

Please ask it in a new thread.
Also Itoo does not support companion, you have to build the apk for that to work.

Also, download the Itoo extension from here: [FREE] Background Tasks: Itoo - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

I havent updated the Kodular topic yet.

Ok , thanks for your help. I will ask this question in new thread :+1:t2:.

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