How to load google sheet data in screen 1 for screen 2?

I have my main screen on screen 2 and screen 1 is used as a splash screen.
In screen 2 I load data from google sheets

It takes 2-3 seconds to load data from google sheets. So the screen is blank for that time, is there a way to fix this?

Is there a way to load data from google sheets in screen 1 itself or something such that.

I don’t use the inbuilt splash feature because it is not responsive to screen size and so the same image used, looks shabby in different devices with different screen sizes, and so I have screen 1 dedicated for splash.

Do you have any solution to this?

Many use google sheets to load data but their app does not 2-3 seconds, it is almost real times.

The reason I am not using CSV file is because I am expecting change in data, so I prefer to use google sheet over static CSV files.

Thank you for stopping by and considering the question.

Your response and participation is much appreciated.

No issue. Easily can do it… just add the screen2 init blocks into screen1 inti blocks and when web got text store it in a tinydb and then pass the value into next screen.

You can simply show a circular progress and I when sheet loads then set circular progress visible to false

Hi can you give me an example of:
How to store data in tiny db and move it to screen 2.

I havent used tiny DB before

Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

In screen1


In screen2
complete it with required block

How to transfer the value stored from one screen to another?

When you store any value in TinyDB you can get it in any screen via TinyDB GetValue Block

Refer this post :point_up_2:

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I am not able to figure out, how to use this block in screen 2?


Example :-

blocks (1)

Read TinyDB documentation to know more about it :point_down:

Here are some guides :point_down:

It worked but screen 1 load time increased from 2.5 seconds to 4.5 seconds.

Any idea how to reduce this?

Thanks in advance.

It is totally depends upon website you use and the response obtained from it. You cannot change it always it song be ligtning fast

I am using google sheets

It will fluctuate. But don’t worry. Sometime it will give you sooner. Just go on .
But if you create multiple lists with the help of gsheet , then certainly it will take such time

It is one sheet with 210 rows and 4 columns

Greetings, instead of making a splash on screen1 and then opening screen2, I recommend that you use a single screen…
that is, load the splash with a clock and after I don’t know 3 seconds you hide it and show the information that instead of being in screen2 it would be on the same screen inside an invisible block, and with the tools you put the first one invisible and the second visible and you don’t have to use screen2, and with that you solve loading problems.

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