How to Load Huge Amount Of Data widout lag/hang/stuck

Every one has own definition for this word… So
Just focus on mean of word…
Not occuring on same time…
Every item is take 1 milli second to build(mean not occuring at same time) … But our process have 500 items…

Just a friendly challenge.
This should not hang the app if it is asynchronous.


This example is not asynchronous. It is not me or the other users that define. Are the researchers.


Tell the result after testing. :crazy_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


aia file… ?


And here check on 3:20

Test.aia (20.8 KB)

What you say is absolutely right (Difference between both)
This method is not asynchronous.

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How strange… Focus on your blocks on your logic…Your child process is larger than parent process… What are you expecting? You trying to fit the bus in the car in running car…
You trying to reach 1 to 10000000 in 1 second…

Your answer…yes its asynchronous


Don’t change blocks. just test it without changing anything.


You doing wrong… You need to change the blocks…
You trying to reach 1 to 10000000
In 1 second? What is this?

Your definition makes no sense.
What is main process and child process.
Are the variables main process?

Where am I doing wrong?

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If it’s asynchronous, it should be able to handle this.


Your aim is that you want to reach from 1 to 1000(1 by 1 with 1 second interval)…main process


In child process you trying to reach 1 to 10000000 in 1 second… (Child process):x:

It’s wrong.

It is wrong.

Check above comments video…

I metioned already that everyone has own definition…
If you are right then they wrong… If they right then you are wrong…

You are calling a process every second.
That doesn’t mean you should complete process in a second.


Both are right, the thing is you are misunderstanding the concept of asynchronous tasks.

Take a look on your logic blocks…
If 1 is not equal to 1000 then {
Reach 1 to 10000000}
Else {
Do Clock disable

Show me your definations your examples your meanings…