How to Load Huge Amount Of Data widout lag/hang/stuck

Introducing Assynochronuis process with dynamic Componemts for Huge Amount of Data Doesn’t matter How much data 5000 or 10000…

No more Stuck…
No more Lag…

You can create your procedure of heavy amount of Data with assynochronious ability by this method… (fully simple method)…

Extension used… Dynamic Components by yusufcihan


First i took tow variables…
(From) (to)
On first time it will load only 1 to 10 main cards as shown in pic… U can change this as your desire…

Then i took a clock timer…

In clock timer it will load only 10 cards on first turn…
After that i increased the values of
From variable
To variable
As my choice…
You can change it… So Finally Assynic method is ready to load Heavy data…

Demo apk

Assync procedure.apk (5.5 MB)

Demo aia
Assync_Procedure.aia (90.6 KB)

Demo video…


Good job :+1:t2:

P.S: it’s Async and not Assynic :wink:


Thanks for Suggestion…

I know already because keyboard suggestion me whenever i typing…

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Great work :+1:t2:

Its yusufcihan not Yusafcihan


This is not async procedure. You are only loading first few items then remaining few.

Async procedure run in the background without disrupting the main UI thread.

This Load More data logic is already developed in the community. Check below topics.


You are talking about on user scrool… I mean condition when user scrolll down
And you forgot my post

u can see main thread is Running behind as 1st process and notifier running smoothliy as second process…

So this is not asynchronous :man_facepalming:
Anyways, still a good work :+1:


Its asynchronous…

I told him that
You are talking about on scroll down action…

You can check demo video…

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This is no asynchronous. Here or any place in universe.
Please, Do not use the word asynchronous in this case.


Do you know what is asynchronous?

Using a clock timer only load things periodically. And not hangs the program for too long (still lag).

No, its not asynchronous

This is not asynchronous.
You are loading synchronously with intervals.
Even if we create asynchronously, it will fill the ram at some point, so Recycler View is the solution.


Exactly !!!


Appreciate your hard work :clap:
You did a good job. :thumbsup:
You are getting negative replies because you named it asynchronous, instead, say trick or logic to load dynamic components.

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Its not to criticize or demotivate anyone, but many users don’t know the exact meaning of asynchronous and therefore the get confused.

Loading items on users response somehow works like it, but technically it won’t.

This can be a trick/logic t reduce the lag :upside_down_face:


And what is relevant about this?

@sonumohammad333 Assynochronious is opposite of synchronous…
Synchronous mean occuring at same time we can’t do anything, stucked, present screen blocked for a while, we need to wait until process not completed…

Assynochronious mean not occuring at same time…
We can do anything whenever process is running behind… No need to wait, our screen not blocked for a while…
Here we can do anything when our process running… We can terminate process,we can pause the process, we can resume the process, we can scroll down, we can scroll up…

Yes, but it did when you run the loop in the clock. It is still count as synchrous. Anyways, let’s stop talking this :sweat_smile: