Srt parsing blocks

i make an application to view movie subtitle files to use it in my android satellite receiver
the application work great in my mobile and when i test the application with companion in my android satellite receiver
but when i use the program in my android satellite receiver during the step changing subtitle text to list and extract sentence to list and time to another list i receive Application Not Responding (ANR) dialog although it keep working and finish this step but the notification message not removed till i click wait or stop application
i know that mobile devices hardware is more advanced than android satellite receiver so if any one have a solution to stop this message from appearing as movie players work fine with subtitle with the same device
the blocks i used is below

thanks to @recepyeni i learn how to parse subtitle file from his project
thanks to @jarlissonlira2 for his great extension floating view it give me the ability to show the subtitle on a live movie when i watch non translated movie

i make a test to see the length of a subtitle list the device can process without giving message application not respond i found that it can handle 300 line
the problem that normal movie subtitle may contain 1500 line so how can i make the process move 300 by 300

the first try was to decrease the number of extracted list
i was trying to extract 3 lists from the SRT file text ( sentence list - time list - join both list in a third list )
and as the process depend mainly on the start time of each sentence so i extract only the start time list and that increase the number of processed data before ANR dialogue appears to 1000 line
but i found some SRT files reach 2500 line
so i use the idea of @annaschawdhary157
in this topic

i use clock to process the data 50 line by 50 line and make the clock interval 100 milisecond

So now the large file with 2500 line load in about 19 second without ANR dialogue appear

i wish if any one has an idea to decrease the loading time less than that as in video player program it does not take this time to load files with video
i think if there is an extension like xml or json parser to parse SRT files text to nodes each node contain
index number
start time 00:00:00,000
end time 00:00:00,000
sentence text
i think the loading time will decrease

How much time you want?

if it less than 10 second it will be great but as i said before android satellite receiver hardware not like mobiles in my mobile the process take only few second