Slow loading screen

when opening the main screen in my application it takes a minute and if the screen is touched before loading is complete a notification appears APPLICATION IS NOT RESPONDING TO CLOSE OR WAIT

Please see tip 2 here

and post a screenshot of your Screen1.Initialize event


It seems that your home screen is too big thats way it take too much time to load content. You can use async procedure extension to load data as Asynchronous

The “application not responding” notification in Kodular appears when the app takes too long to respond to user input, usually due to a long-running operation or a bug in the app. Some possible causes of this issue based on the search results are:

  • Kodular Fenix update: Some users have reported that the issue started after updating to the Fenix version of Kodular[1][3].
  • High-quality images: Displaying a lot of high-quality images at the same time in the app can cause the app to freeze or crash[2].
  • Bugs in the app: Bugs in the app’s blocks or components can cause the app to freeze or crash[1][2][3][6].
  • Slow internet connection: If the app loads data from the internet, a slow internet connection can cause the app to freeze or become unresponsive[6].

To fix the issue, you can try optimizing your blocks, reducing the size of your assets, using asynchronous loading, using caching, testing on a real device, or checking for bugs in the app or in Kodular itself[1][2][3][6].

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ok ty for saying

now i try to divide screen instalize load to clocks 3 and 4 which i give time 0 and page loading still slow

thanks for you help

where should I go to get this extension and how to use it

thanks for help

Thanks for help

We cannot able to help you until see your aia