Application not responding after kodular Fenix update

After I update kodular Fenix. I generate a new application with kodular. please check below video and my block.



Pls make sure with your vertical arrangement once again…

Image picture in in VA 4 or VA1 ? Did you set width and height fill or automatic?

image in VA 4 with this property.

Try to set both automatic or fill then try again

after doing this easy to pick an image but after this same issue with edit photos.
Please below the video and blocks.


blocks (1)

So finally, you got a image, correct?

Move out the image path from the procedure and keep it somewhere and try

now I select is set 1 so don’t mean with it. any other solution?

Sorry, put the slider position value in else block… as per your procedure you set for pisition1, if not then what to do??

I didn’t understand what you men ?

Share me the screen

how to share with you screen ?

need aia ?

Click project> navigate to export selected screen (.Ais) to my computer

The. Upload the . ais at here

ok check below

Photo_Editor_Screen1.ais (10.5 KB)

I try without any prosses with a slider than still slider going hang. it’s a bug in the slider. because before update working fine all.

Please for bugs see here

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@Still-learning have you checked?