How to load one by image in dynamic image

Hello any one please help and tell me how to load image ones by sones and i call data from spreadsheet

You can use this extension :

I already try it but not working in dynamic image :frowning: I try 10 time and search everywhere but not working

In the loading block you have to reference the dynamic component.
The extension is all documented, accept the work of reading it and try it.

In case you are interested in exploring some new extensions.

can you guide me

yes ! i already used it :dotted_line_face: but it,s not working on dyanmic component

You didn’t make a single attempt, nor did you show block.

You judge without knowing how to use the components.

You omit useful comments.

I try to be collaborative and have a good disposition but your comfort surpasses me.

Are you talking about Dynamic Components extension of Yusuf or dynamic components of Kodular?

dyanmic component

than guide me please :disappointed_relieved:

None of the above mentioned extensions will work then.


It shouldn’t work.
Does it?

Yours does work, the DevYB extension does not with that type of dynamic image, but with Yusuf yes

That’s amazing to know.

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A matter of trial and error!

These guys have limited creativity and need everything done

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But if I call 100 image using this method than is it load compatible

Try yourself instead of asking here.
If you fail, you’ll learn.

sorry ! for disturb but really i am try 10 time with all exetion and seach everywhere but not solve please help me i am only 14 year