How to load Online Image without any permissions?

I need to set a picture to an image component from url …
But when i use image utilities it forces to use Permission read or write storge …
So how to load the image in image component from url without any permissions?

Use Web Viewer if you don’t want to show permission :grin:

Is that the only way or method?

Till now yes because you can also see in kodular docs that both component that is image or image utilities needs permissions


@drpeterramsis2007 try searching an extension now only extension will work

Ok … does any one know which extension could be used for that?

Wait i will search one for you don’t worry

@drpeterramsis2007 See i Got something for you


Thanks … it worked great


@drpeterramsis2007 i said i got and see i worked next time if you get any problem just make a topic you will defiantly get the solution

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